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Episode 51

Today we talk of the uneventful trade deadline and the World Cup picks. Enjoy


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Episode 50

We’re back after a couple of weeks off the interwebs. We had a few of this and a few of that to take care of. Back to hockey, we talk of sellers and buyers, with an emphasis on who we would like to see move and who we think should break up with their core. Enjoy,…




Episode 49 – Hockey Pucks Rambles Hockey Podcast on Hockey

Today we talk hockey. We talk CBJ, Pitts and much more. Is Johansen really on the move? Can the Penguins get any worse?


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Episode 48 – Hockey Puck Rambles Hockey Podcast on Hockey

Today, we talk about the media’s dismissal of the potential Scott All Star selection and the some of the more surprising ranks in this year’s scoring race.


Episode 47 – Hockey Puck Rambles Hockey Podcast on Hockey

Today we talk of the Thanksgiving cutoff. Who’s in? Who’s out? Who is surprising?


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Episode 46 real – Hockey Puck Rambles Podcast on Hockey

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Today we talk percentages. What is the percentage McDavid wins the Calder? What’s the percentage Anaheim wins the Pacific? What’s the percentage Klingberg wins the Norris? What’s the percentage Detroit misses the playoffs? What’s the percentage the 3on3 All-Star format is gonna look awful?

Episode 45 – Hockey Puck Rambles Hockey Podcast on Hockey

Today we talk McDavid, Eichel and McDavid then back Eichel. Edmonton, Phoenix and the idea of adding sound effects to a game.

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Episode 44 – Hockey Podcast

Today we compare combos and point getters. We get into the backup goalie and number 1C in the capital. Hope you enjoy it.

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